Growers Own Saffron Gin 500ml 42% ABV

Grower’s Own Saffron Gin


Growers Own Saffron Gin 500ml 42% ABV.

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Growers Own Saffron Gin 500ml 42% ABV Product of Tasmania

The gin is light and while the saffron is there in abundance the juniper is forward.  The mouth feel is buttery with plenty of warmth up front.  The saffron lingers on the palate.  The nose is balanced with the floral of the saffron working with the juniper.

Tas-Saff Growers Own Saffron Gin is produced using the finest premium handpicked and processed saffron from our farm located in the pristine Huon Valley of Tasmania.
We use only pure filtered Tasmanian rainwater in our saffron gin.
Our still is designed to eliminate the need for filtration, allowing the full richness of the saffron flavour and aroma to be carried over into our final product.

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