Australian Saffron Tea 2g


2000mg jar of saffron tea for general health and wellbeing.

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There is growing evidence that saffron is indeed good for you, in particular macular health. After 30 years in the saffron industry we are quite aware that powdered saffron available throughout the world today is likely to be adulterated, contaminated or of a very poor quality.
 That is why we decided to manufacture our own Australian saffron tea in Australia. The saffron in our tea is of the finest premium Category 1 grade of Australian saffron whole threads.

The saffron is grown in Australia under a fully recorded and documented HACCP accreditation food safety standard. We then had an Australian GMP laboratory process the saffron into a powder, nothing but pure saffron is guaranteed.
The saffron tea has been packed on our premises under SQF 2000 food-safety accreditation.
You have our assurance that you are now able to have that 30mg of saffron as a measured daily supplement or simply enjoy a (caffeine-free) tea.

Directions for use are on the back of the packet. We provide a 30mg measuring scoop with each packet ordered.
The 2000mgs of saffron tea will provide 66 x 30mg serves from each bottle. If you are taking saffron for general wellbeing or macular health it is recommended to take a 30mg supplement per day for a minimum period of 16 weeks to see whether you experience an improvement.
If you do experience an improvement you need to continue with the daily saffron supplement or any improvement will rapidly regress.